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Control of water ingress to protect lift plant

Leak Sealing to Protect Lift Plant Equipment


Effective control of water ingress responsible for tripping out lift plant equipment within under stair electrical plant rooms.



The Problem


H2OX were asked to assess and solve issues relating to water ingress that was causing the consistent tripping out of lift plant within under stair electrical plant rooms. The issues had resulted in the client employing a local contractor to devise a solution.
Despite many thousands of pounds being spent on an internal cementitious “waterproof” slurry application, the problem remained.
H2Ox were then contacted by the client, to explore other more effective solutions.


The solution


H2Ox engineers advised that a systematic polyurethane resin injection system should be adopted to close of the active flowpaths and control the water ingress.

The Result

Within the first week, H2OX completely sealed the most problematic lift plant room before moving on to the rest of the structure, restoring the building's waterproofing and preventing further damage.

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