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H2OX's innovative Hardfoam solution to close off empty badger setts


Hardfoam installation to fill empty badger setts - Project Case Study


See how Oxford Hydrotechnics use an innovative hardfoam void filling technique to close off empty badger setts at a track side location.


The Problem


Oxford Hydrotechnics were contracted to deal with the infill of dormant badger sett voids, next to a railway line.


The project formed part of preparatory works ahead of Network Rail’s planned installation of a second track at the location. The closing of the Badger Setts formed part of the client's commitment to the environment due to the designation of badgers as a protected species.


Prior to works starting on site, the badgers were removed by specialists, ensuring that the badgers were unharmed and removing them to a secure location. All active setts were meshed off, leaving a single escape hole that was covered by a one way hatch.


Once the badgers had left the sett, entrances and exits were monitored for a 21 day period for further activity before being declared as fit for works to proceed.


The Solution


H2OX proposed the installation of our MS310 Hardfoam solution at the location. Conclusions were drawn from a number of key factors, particularly when drawing comparisons with a cementitious alternative.


The Hardfoam provided a more environmentally friendly solution due to its nature of becoming inert once cured, meaning that any overspill was easier to dispose of than grout or concrete. The friable nature of the foam also meant that any future digging out and removal would be accommodated with far less effort than concrete or cement.


The second key factor considered was that of efficiency and cost of installation. H2OX Hardfoam is installed from a self-contained unit with a maximum delivery hose length of 140m, meaning that it is highly mobile and perfect for conditions such as those on the described project.


This mobility adds savings to time and, in turn, cost efficiency to the project. The system can be set up in as little as 15 minutes in most locations and can place up to 80m3 during a 6 hour shift.


The system meant that the voids created by the badger setts could be filled quickly and efficiently, traits often considered of paramount importance when conducting works in the vicinity of railway lines that often enforce strict possession restrictions.


The Results


During the project, Oxford Hydrotechnics were able to place 390m3 of Hardfoam resin. Once cured, the objective of closing off the badger setts and preventing re-entry was met, fulfilling the main aim of the project. The speed and efficiency of installation provided significant cost savings to the client. Further savings were made when considering the cheaper removal costs of the Hardfoam over those required for cement or concrete based alternatives, costs that will be especially relevant in when it comes to the installation of the second track.













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