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Emergency leak sealing

Emergency Leak Sealing


H2OX teams control high flow rate leaks on an emergency call out.


The Problem


Following an inspection by the client, Kier Group Plc, H2OX were called to devise a solution to very fast flowing leakage to a retaining wall, supporting a canal. The leaks, emanating from the canal itself, were actively increasing in flow rate; a potential wall collapse and catastrophic loss of water to the canal system appeared imminent.


The client was faced with a large scale cofferdam and structural rebuilding option, but called H2OX to see if an alternative temporary remedy, could be provided.


At the request of kier, an H2OX engineer was on the scene within the hour and a plan of action was agreed between Kier and H2OX teams.


The Solution


An H2OX team was mobilized within several hours of the original call, and the plan of action was implemented.


This involved driving injection lances vertically into the towpath, next to the canal, behind the retaining wall.  Our P90 Resin (specifically designed for use on fast flowing leaks) was injected, using a high percentage of catalyst, to speed up the reaction time.



Resin is depicted emerging through the defects, having travelled through the soils and structure, and has cured on the face of the retaining wall. The excess cured resin can be removed by hand.


The resin was drawn through the ground by the flow of water. As soon as it came into contact with water, it started to foam and expand, filling the leak paths beneath the towpath, and in some instances, emerging through the open fissures in the retaining wall. The resin then cured to a semi-rigid foam, sealing the main areas of water ingress through the structure.


The images shown were photographed just three days apart, highlighting the speed and effectiveness of the technique.


The H2OX team then followed this up by driving additional injection lances into the towpath behind the wall and using our P200 resin to stabilize the towpath soils. This addressed all the remaining leaks through the ground by filling the remaining flow paths, and solidified the soils to provide additional structural support to the wall.


The Results


Following the injection of resin, the flow paths were closed off; preventing collapse of the wall and substantial loss of water to the canal network.


The subsequent stabilization of the soils behind the wall addressed the remaining leakage and solidified the soils to a homogenous mass. This offered further structural support to the wall.


The H2OX work boat was used to assist in a deep clean, carried out by the H2OX team. The work left very little evidence of the remedial works having taken place. Traditional repointing could then be carried out to fully restore the aesthetics of the structure.


The images shown were photographed just three days apart, highlighting the speed and effectiveness of the technique, along with efficiency of H2OX and Kier's collaboration on the project.


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