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Sealing leaks in a multistorey car park


Oxford Hydrotechnics use advanced resin injection techniques to control leaks through construction joints in a busy car park.


The Problem


H2OX was approached after water ingress issues had arisen in a number of visible locations of soffit throughout an underground car park. Leaks were apparent across two floors and were typically occurring through joints between different structural members and through the perimeter wall and soffit joint.



The Solution


Oxford Hydrotechnics’ engineers put forward a solution of systematic polyurethane injection, using Stabila P500. The product is a flexible hydrophobic resin that cures on contact with water at a rate that can be adjusted using a catalyst. Injection ports were drilled into the affected areas, to intersect the leak flow paths. Injection packers were then installed so that the lightweight, polyurethane resin could be injected into the structure. As the resin followed the flow paths, it cured to form a lightweight, permanently flexible, hydrophobic foam, closing off the leaks and restoring the structure’s waterproofing.


The Results


Oxford Hydrotechnics successfully treated all the known areas of water ingress along with new areas that arose as the work progressed. As the system is small and highly mobile, H2OX’s experienced team of engineers were able to carry out the work without disruption to the day to day running of the car park. The areas that were treated were back up and running within 24 hours and further structural and aesthetic damage to the car park was prevented.


The view from the client


“I was envisaging that quite a few problems would occur whilst the team worked in a constantly busy, almost full, car park – especially with the amount of ground that they needed to cover, but it’s gone as smoothly as possible. This is in large part due to their flexibility, the way they’ve organised themselves and communicated so well with my staff. Business hasn’t been affected at all, and it’s a real pleasure to work with people who make such an effort to be friendly, patient and understanding, an absolute credit to your organisation.”


And following a subsequent visit to carry out additional works….


“As with last time – we’re very happy with the work done by H2OX. Again they worked with us to ensure minimum disruption to our business whilst they worked – which was especially important this time around as the site runs at 95%-100% capacity through November and December.


Most importantly, we’ve had 8 days solid rain in Manchester since they were here, and we’ve not had a single leak from any of the areas that they worked in. So far, we also seem to have avoided the expected fate of water just “popping out” elsewhere instead.”


Chris Cutts - Q-Park

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