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Control of water ingress to prevent water damage to cars

Leak Sealing to Prevent Water Damage to Cars


Remedial works carried out to control water ingress into an underground car park.



The Problem


Deficiencies in workmanship and design had resulted in discontinuities within the waterproofing of an underground car park.
Various attempts had been made by others to prevent water ingress, including application of Combiflex bandaging over the construction joints. However, unwanted water ingress still occurred, posing a risk to vehicles using the car park.


The Solution


H2OX were employed by the client to carry out polyurethane resin injection to some of the defects. Upon injection those particular areas were thoroughly
sealed. However, in this instance, the sealing of these areas resulted in the activation of leakage in other areas that were thought to be watertight, highlighting the extent of the workmanship and design defects.

The Results

H2OX continued with resin injection in these new areas to ensure that the structure was fully waterproof, preventing further damage to vehicles and the car park itself.

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