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Leak Sealing Case Studies

Leak Sealing Case Studies


Please use this section to view case studies on leak sealing projects that Oxford Hydrotechnics have previously worked on.


Emergency leak sealing


Oxford Hydrotechnics were called out to an emergency job at short notice, with a retaining wall structure under imminent threat of catastrophic failure. See how our engineers dealt with the problem in this case study.


Controlling water ingress within a network of tidal manholes


In this case study, we discuss the techniques used in a project to control water ingress in manholes located next to an estuary. Ongoing leaks were posing a risk to the manhole structures and also allowing water to leave the manhole network.


Sealing problematic leaks in a dam overflow structure


In this case study, H2OX demonstrate how advanced resin injection techniques can be used to seal problematic water ingress through a lake-side dam overflow structure.


How Oxford Hydrotechnics seal leaks in car park structures


Oxford Hydrotechnics use advanced resin injection techniques to control water ingress within a busy car park.


Sealing leaks in a canal side embankment


Oxford Hydrotechnics use advanced resin injection techniques to control leaks through a canal wall and into public gardens below.


Environment Agency flood defense wall remediation


Oxford Hydrotechnics were called in to carry out remedial works to the existing floodwall on the River Soar using resin injection leak sealing techniques for the Environment Agency.


Lock wall leak sealing on the Kennet and Avon Canal


Oxford Hydrotechnics were asked to assist with controlling unwanted water ingress through a lock wall on the Kennet and Avon Canal, causing disruption to local residents and within an underground weir chamber.


Control of ground water ingress in a rail tunnel


Oxford Hydrotechnics were called in, during a 52 hour track posession, to assist with controlling water ingress that was causing signalling problems and  ongoing maintenance costs for Network Rail.


Underground car park water ingress remediation


H2OX were requested to devise a solution to water ingress in a subterranean car park in Sheffield, caused by defective construction joints.


Basement water ingress control


Oxford hydrotechnics carried out works to remediate water ingress that was entering an under ground gymnasium through the building's front facade from the car park area above.


Control of water ingress to protect lift plant


H2OX were required to assist with the effective treatment of water ingress issues that were causing problems for electrical lift plant.


Leak sealing to prevent water damage to cars


Oxford Hydrotechnics were called in to carry out repairs to a lower level car park where water ingress was threatening to damage cars and the structure itself.

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