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Grout Bag Installation Project Case Study


Installation of grout bags to replace welded steel shims used to fill gaps between river wall and waler beam.


The Problem



The picture above shows ground anchors through a river wall and its upper waler beam. The client’s previous method for repairing structural deficiencies in the wall was to fill the gaps between the waler beam and the steel sheet piled river wall using welded steel shims. These shims were having to be individually manufactured and sized to fit each gap.



Inherent problems were associated with this method, including:



The Solution


Our methodology involved installing grout bags to each gap and inflating them with Natcem AC.



Advantages of a Grout Bag Technique


The grout bag solution provided the client with several distinct advantages:




The Results


The solution saved significant time and resources for the client and resulted in a more suitable end product than the labour intensive shim method.



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